Gillows Regency Mahogany Pembroke Table

Circa 1820

Gillows Mahogany Pembroke Book Table “GILLOW”  the casters stamped “Cope & Collinson Patent Strong”.

Price: £ Reserved 

No: 11119                                             GILLOWS of Lancaster

A fine and rare Gillows Mahogany Pembroke Book Table, the twin flap top with rounded corners above an end simulated as two drawers. This flaps down to reveal a book well, the top edge stamped “GILLOW”. The whole is supported on reeded tapered legs terminating in brass cups and casters stamped “Cope & Collinson Patent Strong”.

Circa 1820

Price: £ Reserved

Height: 28½”, 72cms / Width: 17” Opening to 33”, 43<84 cms / Depth: 16”, 41cms.

Note: the quality of this table is of the highest standard. This is revealed in many different aspects including the weight being constructed largely of solid Mahogany.

Lit: Susan Stuart, “Gillows of Lancaster and London 1730 to 1840”

See also “Gillow Furniture Designs, 1760 – 1800” by Lyndsay Boynton.

Delivery in the UK mainland is included in the marked price.

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